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Trump and the Truth about Communism

I was once talking to a wise old friend about communism – specifically about its enduring nature in the imaginations of men. “The problem,” I said, “is that, unlike the Nazi ideology which we defeated forty years earlier and then … Continue reading

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Leopoldo Lopez Is Home – For Now, That’s Enough

Venezuela’s most renowned political prisoner is home. Not free; not yet. But home; that will do for now. For him – to eat food mixed with love by his wife instead of excrement by his hostage takers; to talk on … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Torture of Leopoldo Lopez

“They are torturing me! Denuncia!!” the cry carries; piercing from the menacing prison perched nefariously on the hilltop above to float across the expanse. #URGENTE: Leopoldo grita desde Ramo Verde. Denuncio que a Leopoldo lo están torturando. Por favor RT/ … Continue reading

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RCTV – The Day the Music Died

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” That’s what communism gives us; those who preach ‘progress’ in order to seize power give us instead a stale sort of stasis. Eating and re-eating the same saltine cracker. That’s … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Dignity and Defiance

“Sometimes a single act of defiance has enough dignity for an entire country.” So says the Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez about the recent return of Venezuelans to the streets. Defiance, dignity: unfortunately for us they are words – like so … Continue reading

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Venezuela After the Politics

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Venezuela; though I follow the news every day. Bread lines turning into “Brownie Wars”. A starving nation sending “flood relief” to Peru, echoing the days when Idi Amin sent food to Britain … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Ongoing 25 Year Coup

Explosions and gunfire rattled through the early morning Caracas silence. “Coup” they said as we stumbled into the living room, and they turned on the television. A tank was knocking down the doors of a palace. Armed figures were flitting … Continue reading

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