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Death and Taxes…

So it’s that time of year again, and I’m doing my taxes. Reminding me just how complicated life is and how much time was spent last year in slave labor. This year is sort of my halfway mark – if … Continue reading

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America – In Times of Madness

When I was a little boy I would often go with my family to visit my great granddaddy. As a missionary kid growing up in the ‘foreign field’, it was always a special time – coming home to America. Between … Continue reading

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What’s Right With America

A woman and her husband walk their scraggly dog, whistling a tune and chatting privately to each other – a murmuring without words carried by the warm air. A man – home from work – bounces a basketball; a solitary … Continue reading

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The Monsoons in Arizona: And Immortality

When I was a young man I would wait expectantly for the rain storms. Every year they roll through the valley at the same time; electric and powerful – wind blowing around the charged air. My best friend and I … Continue reading

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“Weeds”: A Series Review

Last night my wife and I finished watching the series “Weeds“. This is of course the tale of a widow from the suburbs whose husband died leaving her with nothing, thereby forcing her to take up a life as a … Continue reading

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Hemmingway and the Huge Hole

Do you ever wonder if Hemmingway would have blogged? I don’t know why I thought of that today. I was sitting in front of the Arizona Crater National Park – a huge hole in the ground result of a massive … Continue reading

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I Write This for You

We don’t smile that much to each other anymore, my wife and I. Maybe it’s the toll of too many moves; of too many fights. Of too many 6 am mornings since our little man was born. They never tell … Continue reading

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