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Thinking of Cuba

I recently promised a new friend that I would write about Cuba. But what can I say about Cuba? It’s been said – everything. Fifty-eight years, a half century of that bizarre mix of sensational propaganda and blinding silence. How … Continue reading

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The Untold Story of Cuba

Have you ever seen a painting so beautiful that it stops your heart for a second; reds and greens and golds imprinted upon your essence for eternity? Do you ever listen to a song that is so remarkable that you … Continue reading

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Fidel is Dead

How many times have we heard those words before? The morbid death-watch for this ailing tyrant has seemed eternal, hasn’t it? Turns out this time it’s true. So much has been written about Fidel. So much will be written. The … Continue reading

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“Fidel And The Goat”: An Excerpt from “The Lieutenant of San Porfirio”

In honor of all the media attention these days on a bankrupt totalitarian island, here’s an excerpt from “The Lieutenant of San Porfirio“. One day Fidel had been walking down a dirt road not far from Havana when he had … Continue reading

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“Luz” A Novel by Luis Gonzalez – A Book Review

It takes a lot of courage to write about something tragic that has changed your life, especially something out of your control.  We are so personally invested that too often we get carried away and our writing suffers.  Filled with … Continue reading

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