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The Boneyard – A Poem

Old champions from battles surrendered; Designs for a world that was lost; Shed hopes that were one time engendered; ‘Fore any had tallied the cost. Tis common that clashes, forgotten; And purges by sands, are erased; Gray generals’ dreams unbegotten; … Continue reading

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Go Read a Banned Book

Don’t think about pink elephants. GO! You’re thinking about pink elephants, aren’t you? ‘You are what you eat’ the old saying goes. ‘They shall know you by your friends’ some respond. The reality is, people will know you by what … Continue reading

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A Death Foretold

“Chronicle of a Death Foretold” is a novel written by the great Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A death foretold; I wonder how Gabo would feel about the names splashed across the front of Colombia’s newspapers these days? People with … Continue reading

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Et Tu Colombia?

The specter of Hugo Chavez walks the sultry plains of South America, where the Chiguire – the world’s biggest rodent – roams; where the haunting Llanero music echoes across empty valleys and up against mountains that have never seen peace. … Continue reading

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Communism 4.0

One of the strongest criticisms which the journalist and writer Edmund Fawcett (whose excellent book I reviewed only yesterday) had of the Nobel Prize winning economist Friedrich Hayek was the latter’s conflation of ‘advances’ in modern science and his juxtaposition … Continue reading

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Trump and the Truth about Communism

I was once talking to a wise old friend about communism – specifically about its enduring nature in the imaginations of men. “The problem,” I said, “is that, unlike the Nazi ideology which we defeated forty years earlier and then … Continue reading

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‘Underground Europe Calling’ – A Book Review

For about a decade between the mid-1930s and 40s the early Labour party in the United Kingdom was heavily influenced by a little publisher called the “Left Book Club”. This membership ‘club’, which reached about 60,000 at its peak, published … Continue reading

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