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America’s New Aristocracy

Every morning, here in West Africa, as I prepare my little boy for his school – the gym and the recess and the library, PE and science class and field trips – I look through the window of my kitchen … Continue reading

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“Four Futures” – A Book Review (if this had actually been a book)

Sometimes you click on a link somewhere, in something that you’re reading, which takes you to another link and another and another as you continue the train of thought of your line of inquiry as far as time allows. When … Continue reading

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Could the Industrial Revolution have Happened Today?

I read an interesting article about Uber recently – regarding some of the growing pains that company is having and how they’re trying to deal with them. The history-less, context-less analysis is par for the course in today’s 24 hour … Continue reading

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On Trade, and Other Confusing Things

I once was on a business trip to La Paz, Bolivia. This remarkable Andean country is maybe the most unique in the Americas. The city of La Paz was built upon a crevice in the Andes Mountains that climbs for … Continue reading

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“Naked And Afraid”: A lesson in spontaneous order

Last night I stumbled across a program on the Discovery Channel called “Naked and Afraid”. The basic premise of this reality television series goes something like this: take two successful young people from the United States – opposite genders to … Continue reading

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Nathaniel’s Nutmeg – A Book Review and a Lesson

Have you heard of the Island of Run? Neither had I. In fact this most insignificant island of the Banda archipelago – 1.9 miles by .65 miles – often doesn’t even make it onto modern maps of the region. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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The Little Red Hen

Yesterday my son grabbed onto my knee and pulled me over to squat on the floor in front of his little library. Amidst works of Dr. Seuss, Max Lucado, Clifford and Donald Duck he pulled out “The Little Red Hen”. … Continue reading

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