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There’s an old magazine from where I hail called Arizona Highways – for decades it has captured in pictures and stories the character of my indomitable state, my home. A country really – deserts and forests and lakes and mountains. … Continue reading

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9/11 On My Mind

It was a bright fall Boston morning fifteen years ago when I walked out of my rented room to saunter down the sidewalk towards my university. I was young, green, naïve – in graduate school. I was studying development – … Continue reading

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It Is All Now Part of America

There are places which are old – infused with history and time and tradition until they stand alone, boldly buttressing the story of mankind. Those of us who have lived in the East, who like to talk about Mount Vernon, … Continue reading

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What’s Right With America

A woman and her husband walk their scraggly dog, whistling a tune and chatting privately to each other – a murmuring without words carried by the warm air. A man – home from work – bounces a basketball; a solitary … Continue reading

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2016 Too Shall Pass

This morning during a free minute I read an article by Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal, titled “That Moment When 2016 Hits You”. Naturally it was about our election cycle; and it reflected upon the political and cultural … Continue reading

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The Torture of Leopoldo Lopez

As I write this, I am sitting in a hospital waiting room as my wife undergoes a routine surgery (she’s now in post-op). Over the last hour we spoke together with the doctor and the anesthesiologist; asking questions and seeking … Continue reading

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