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We All Who Are Human

It’s raining outside, that thick drenching African rain. On the other side of the concertina wire somebody is sheltering under a mango tree fiddling with a radio, looking for a signal stronger than the pounding of the droplets on the … Continue reading

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My Wars in Africa

When we are young we are often told that things will improve. “Change will be made by those who care to fight; who dare to fight” the story goes. “If only more people were involved; for longer; with greater resources, … Continue reading

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The Mango Rains

The air hangs heavy, electric in the evening; lightning chases around clouds that do not yet release their rain while the wind whips the dust in a flurry. They are not ready, they are preparing – gathering energy and purpose … Continue reading

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That Which is Old

Why do we treasure that which is old? The mundane – an earthen bowl purchased for two-pence in an African market; ah but take it from the bottom of the sea, a shipwreck discovered. Priceless, they will call it; setting … Continue reading

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On Africa and Inequality

I live in Africa. For those who read my ramblings frequently, this will not come as a surprise. Africa, the hardest of places – sadness, despair, misery. A darkness that is not a comment on the brightness of the sun … Continue reading

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Africa And The Peacemakers

It is raining again today in Africa. The grass is singing, if you listen closely you can hear it; the earth is rejoicing. Before the rains things are still: puffs of brown, a remaining dust girding itself for a final … Continue reading

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“Christmas In Africa” — or something

Christmas in the camps. That’s what I was going to call this piece. The camps, that central fixture of my life. Oh, sure, not like their camps. Of course. Ours have cable TV, internet – air conditioning, food and pools … Continue reading

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