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The Mango Rains

The air hangs heavy, electric in the evening; lightning chases around clouds that do not yet release their rain while the wind whips the dust in a flurry. They are not ready, they are preparing – gathering energy and purpose … Continue reading

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That Which is Old

Why do we treasure that which is old? The mundane – an earthen bowl purchased for two-pence in an African market; ah but take it from the bottom of the sea, a shipwreck discovered. Priceless, they will call it; setting … Continue reading

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On Africa and Inequality

I live in Africa. For those who read my ramblings frequently, this will not come as a surprise. Africa, the hardest of places – sadness, despair, misery. A darkness that is not a comment on the brightness of the sun … Continue reading

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Africa And The Peacemakers

It is raining again today in Africa. The grass is singing, if you listen closely you can hear it; the earth is rejoicing. Before the rains things are still: puffs of brown, a remaining dust girding itself for a final … Continue reading

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“Christmas In Africa” — or something

Christmas in the camps. That’s what I was going to call this piece. The camps, that central fixture of my life. Oh, sure, not like their camps. Of course. Ours have cable TV, internet – air conditioning, food and pools … Continue reading

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Africa And Its Wars

I have settled in – if settled is what it can be called. It’s funny, things no longer seem exotic; or, more accurately, my idea of ‘exotic’ seems to have changed. A new place – that is all, for now. … Continue reading

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“Disgrace” – a book review

An old man entering his last phase finds himself reaching out, but after the arrogance and license of his more attractive years he finds that there is nobody left to hold onto. Seeking the comfort of those who must love … Continue reading

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