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Trump and the Truth about Communism

I was once talking to a wise old friend about communism – specifically about its enduring nature in the imaginations of men. “The problem,” I said, “is that, unlike the Nazi ideology which we defeated forty years earlier and then … Continue reading

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War and The Quiet American

War mixes everything up. Or maybe everything is already mixed up and war just jumbles it around. Love and lust and vulnerability; ambition and power and youth. Ideologies and instincts, all shaken together and served upon a platter before a … Continue reading

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“Lord of the Flies” – A Book Review

I just re-read “Lord of the Flies”. Like all Americans, I read this book first in High School. Re-reading it twenty five years later was enlightening. And reading it after I myself have authored four novels (and am halfway through … Continue reading

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On Africa and Inequality

I live in Africa. For those who read my ramblings frequently, this will not come as a surprise. Africa, the hardest of places – sadness, despair, misery. A darkness that is not a comment on the brightness of the sun … Continue reading

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“Remains of the Day” – A Book Review

There’s something steady, steadying about the old country. Did you know that the first western experiment with sound money came when Henry I chopped off the hands of coin makers who were diluting silver with other metals while carrying out … Continue reading

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On Monuments

A few months ago an Islamist terrorist was found guilty by the International Criminal Court in The Hague of having destroyed Timbuktu’s cultural heritage in his acts of vandalism against Sufi shrines; burial places of the great men after whom … Continue reading

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‘Underground Europe Calling’ – A Book Review

For about a decade between the mid-1930s and 40s the early Labour party in the United Kingdom was heavily influenced by a little publisher called the “Left Book Club”. This membership ‘club’, which reached about 60,000 at its peak, published … Continue reading

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