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The Kings of West Africa

A petty noble emerges; a void or a vacuum, leftovers of a great war or famine is filled by his dominion and something new is born. It grows, consuming all in its path, for stability in empire is mostly secured … Continue reading

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GenZ: Hegel and the Anti-Millennials

We never consider ourselves to have gotten old. Age creeps up on all of us, that proverbial ‘thief in the night’; and before you know it you are deep in online calculators, counting the days until your little boy goes … Continue reading

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The Story of Two Minds

They say that together two minds are much better, a fact that I have known as true; And this my dear friend is the truth I defend as to why I am grateful for you; For success we’ve been praised … Continue reading

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The Nostalgia and Sorrow of the Southwest

There is something special for me about Native American literature. Maybe it’s because so many of the stories take place in lands that I also have known. For I too am a child of the southwest and have the desert … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Civilization is Over: What Lessons Have We Learned?

Civilization is a fragile thing. Mostly because it is made up almost entirely of people. And people are a mess. Sure, people build monumental buildings or make epic discoveries; they create melodious music and beautiful works of art. Philosophers examine … Continue reading

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Why Read the Classics?

It is important for us to read the classics! “Why?” you ask. “Why should I read the classics? Isn’t reading about pleasure, about what I enjoy? I enjoy Harry Potter so much more than The Brothers Karamazov. I move so … Continue reading

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Loose Molecules: What Has Ended and What Comes Next…

“There once was a specter stalking the hazy hot corners of our world,” they will say. “For a time it even stalked Europe, America – and presidents blanched, parliamentarians locked their doors at night. Embassies built high their walls; we … Continue reading

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