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The Facile Dance – A Poem

Tiny minds the magic see; Ne’er hunger, rage or misery; It matters little whence they hail; From city strong or jungle vale. Bouncy castles tethered fast; Piñatas filled and gifts amassed; Or bottle cap rolled through the sand; Pulled gently … Continue reading

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There Once Was a Dream That Was Rome…

“There was once a dream that was Rome, you could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish.” Marcus Aurelius, ‘The Gladiator’. Republics are funny things. They are resilient; not brittle or sclerotic like we are … Continue reading

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The Boneyard – A Poem

Old champions from battles surrendered; Designs for a world that was lost; Shed hopes that were one time engendered; ‘Fore any had tallied the cost. Tis common that clashes, forgotten; And purges by sands, are erased; Gray generals’ dreams unbegotten; … Continue reading

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Go Read a Banned Book

Don’t think about pink elephants. GO! You’re thinking about pink elephants, aren’t you? ‘You are what you eat’ the old saying goes. ‘They shall know you by your friends’ some respond. The reality is, people will know you by what … Continue reading

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The Tyrant’s Screed – A Poem

There was a clearing o’er the hillocks treed; Where silence of the spirit muchly thrived; The churning air that stirred the grasses freed; And hearts from bitter folly had been rived. Yet ‘neath the toothed razor mountains bare; Vast plains … Continue reading

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Perhaps There Were Fewer Words…

It is always enlightening to read about a thought when it was still in its infancy. We have grown old and all our ideas with us; our world of words is somehow grown fastidious – bombarded as we are by … Continue reading

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The Death Embrace – A Poem

Through dust and wind the plastic dance; Beneath the churning grey advance; Her steps methodical and true; Only her fears, they did pursue. The town sits quiet, tense and tight; Collective breath held through the night; Row by row, huts … Continue reading

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