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Debt and Polarization – Then What??

This week my wife is taking a trip – nervous, first time she’s leaving our little one in my care voluntarily. Latina mamas; as if for want of foresight my boy and I will starve each other as we descend … Continue reading

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The Kings of West Africa

A petty noble emerges; a void or a vacuum, leftovers of a great war or famine is filled by his dominion and something new is born. It grows, consuming all in its path, for stability in empire is mostly secured … Continue reading

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That Which is Old

Why do we treasure that which is old? The mundane – an earthen bowl purchased for two-pence in an African market; ah but take it from the bottom of the sea, a shipwreck discovered. Priceless, they will call it; setting … Continue reading

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Dubai – And the Return of the City State

Often when I find myself in a faraway land I stop to take a minute, perhaps seated on a dock surrounded by the sounds and smells of fishermen and their craft or lounging unseen against an old wall beside a … Continue reading

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The Joy of Jamaica!

There’s a little island a few hours south of the US, in the Caribbean, where people are wont to go to relax. Thick green jungles that climb five and six stories high, dark but not menacing – a fertile goodness … Continue reading

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Castles, Civilizations and the Know-Nothings

Why do we hold the ancients so tightly in our imaginations? Civilization, I suppose. Because they are not built all at once: the brilliant dream of a tyrant, the epic ambitions of an emperor king. Plans of individual men – … Continue reading

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The King of Lost Places

Do you ever want to fit in? To become lost in a crowd? To engender no interest in your fellow man? The other morning I was sitting in a vacant plaza in Frankfurt eating a croissant and drinking a cappuccino … Continue reading

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