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Reading “The Hobbit” to my little boy

I just finished reading The Hobbit to my little boy. It’s fitting, I think – isn’t it? That his first real book, “A chapter book” as he calls it, would be that one. Oh sure we’ve read Dr. Seuss and … Continue reading

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Debt and Polarization – Then What??

This week my wife is taking a trip – nervous, first time she’s leaving our little one in my care voluntarily. Latina mamas; as if for want of foresight my boy and I will starve each other as we descend … Continue reading

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Who Considers the Lost Places?

In a world that is coming apart at the seams; who notices the lost places? They talk about the sixth great extinction, those who live in Styrofoam palaces and with tin voices lament the loss. The coming anarchy. The return … Continue reading

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GenZ: Hegel and the Anti-Millennials

We never consider ourselves to have gotten old. Age creeps up on all of us, that proverbial ‘thief in the night’; and before you know it you are deep in online calculators, counting the days until your little boy goes … Continue reading

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Why Read the Classics?

It is important for us to read the classics! “Why?” you ask. “Why should I read the classics? Isn’t reading about pleasure, about what I enjoy? I enjoy Harry Potter so much more than The Brothers Karamazov. I move so … Continue reading

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On Money and the Miserly

It was a lazy week in the sleepy suburbs of a West African capital, and I was bored, attending as I had been a conference on something or something else. The lulling drones of the presenters hyphenated by breaks – … Continue reading

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The Dark World of Nobilities

We read books like “The Maid and the Queen” because we are interested in what happened in the past. But why? Why are we interested? Is it of any consequence at all the story of a peasant girl who became … Continue reading

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