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Do You Consider the Lost Places?

Do you consider the lost places? Of course why would you, you who read this. You are probably American, from Seattle or Miami or Biloxi. If its early morning, before your day starts you have a fresh cappuccino steaming in … Continue reading

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“The Terror of Existence” – A Book Review

Those of us who write know that we control the world. Alas those who wrote emptiness also knew this: Nietzsche and Freud; Marx and Gramsci. It is they who are the founts from which rushed forth such a crushing nihilism … Continue reading

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“Eternity In Their Hearts” – A Tribute to Don Richardson

Yesterday I finished re-reading “Eternity In Their Hearts” by Don Richardson. It is an Aristotelian exploration of the kernels of monotheism deposited carefully in hidden corners of the cultural traditions of faraway peoples and diverse, a legacy of the one … Continue reading

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Africa’s Consolation Philosophy

Socrates once said “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Western philosophy has always been motivated by wonder at the world around us and our quest to know it using our minds, our reason, and our experiences. The focus on reason … Continue reading

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The Unexamined Life – Why I Left Facebook

They say “the unexamined life is not worth living”. “They” are these days anybody looking to seem thoughtful, but the first to say this was Socrates as his only and lasting defense against the accusations of ‘corrupting the minds of … Continue reading

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Ours Are Not the Children of the Nobles

After a long hot day in Africa fighting the anarchy that came – heralding our arriving ordeal, an ordeal which is only just beginning – I sometimes sit down on my sofa wine-glass in hand, a silky red imported from … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Readers Gone?

“Where have all the good writers gone?” It is a lament I have, often followed by “—and where are all the real journalists? Not professional ill-informed opinion holders but the great minds of old who still have that undying spark … Continue reading

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