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The Vict’ry For to Keep

Can you feign that there’s naught wrong with you? Lest your close friends begin to doubt you too; Can you endure, alone to bear the scar; Received from your oft fought clandestine war? Can you wake, to fill the morning’s … Continue reading

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That Which is Old

Why do we treasure that which is old? The mundane – an earthen bowl purchased for two-pence in an African market; ah but take it from the bottom of the sea, a shipwreck discovered. Priceless, they will call it; setting … Continue reading

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“The Great Escape” by Angus Deaton – A Book Review

There is no more controversial of the social sciences these days than the study of economics. Yes, a social science – the study of human interactions; and though it does contain laws (supply and demand, unintended outcomes) proven and repeatable, … Continue reading

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Dubai – And the Return of the City State

Often when I find myself in a faraway land I stop to take a minute, perhaps seated on a dock surrounded by the sounds and smells of fishermen and their craft or lounging unseen against an old wall beside a … Continue reading

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