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Communism 4.0

One of the strongest criticisms which the journalist and writer Edmund Fawcett (whose excellent book I reviewed only yesterday) had of the Nobel Prize winning economist Friedrich Hayek was the latter’s conflation of ‘advances’ in modern science and his juxtaposition … Continue reading

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Our Liberalism of Melancholy

“Our liberalism of melancholy.” That’s how Edmund Fawcett, journalist and writer summed up his sweeping tale of ‘liberalism’ as an idea and its impact on the west. Liberalism, in the historical sense of the word, “Liberalism is a political philosophy or … Continue reading

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Civilization and the Smithsonian

Civilization; what is civilization? What differentiates a civilization from a culture, from a language or a piece of land surrounded on all sides by a border, arbitrary or otherwise but which nevertheless encloses – freeing or imprisoning depending upon the … Continue reading

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“The Idiot” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

I’ve always wondered why history chooses certain books for preservation, for posterity and others are discarded. It is said that a classic is a book that is still being read 100 years after its publication. For this reason, and if … Continue reading

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