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Will Our Passing be a Whisper?

Our lives are like a pebble thrown into a placid pond – the ripples of which expand to reach even the distant ends of the waters, touching the lives of people great and small as they extend out. Some of … Continue reading

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“Lords of Misrule” – A Joel D. Hirst Interview in Istanbul

I gave an interview to an Istanbul, Turkey based journal on my new novel “Lords of Misrule“. You can read it below – and if you speak Turkish you can go here. 1) How did you decide to write this … Continue reading

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The Recipe for Revolution

I lived and worked for seven years inside Hugo Chavez’s revolutionary Venezuela. Mostly during the times when it still had energy and purpose and when the revolution was still exciting; to the committees and clubs and marchers and voters but … Continue reading

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Who the Hell is Milo?

Pop culture is not something that occupies my concerns a great deal. I do not live for the latest story of who is sleeping with whom; my imagination is not seized by the lifestyles of this or that know-nothing with … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Moment of Madness

I wrote this a while back for InBrazil – I thought I’d reblog it here. “But what can I say about a country that experiences a near miss? Like a distressed man who, in an act of madness cuts his … Continue reading

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The Torture of Leopoldo Lopez

Originally posted on Joel D. Hirst's Blog:
As I write this, I am sitting in a hospital waiting room as my wife undergoes a routine surgery (she’s now in post-op). Over the last hour we spoke together with the…

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“Housekeeping” – A Book Review

“And let God purge this wicked sadness away with a flood, and let the waters recede to pools and ponds and ditches, and let every one of them mirror heaven. Still, they taste a bit of blood and hair.” Children … Continue reading

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